Collection: Immune Support

Included in this Wellness plan: 

Probiotics: Oral probiotics seem to help in the prevention of respiratory tract infection. Efficacy: Possibly Effective.
Vitamin C: Oral high-dose vitamin C might modestly reduce cold symptoms; however, taking vitamin C prophylactically does not seem to prevent a cold. Efficacy: Possibly Effective .
Vitamin D: Observational research in adults has found that low levels of vitamin D are associated with worsened respiratory tract infection complications, and even increased mortality from respiratory tract infections in older adults ages 50-75 years. Efficacy: Possibly Effective.
Zinc: Oral zinc seems to help treat cold symptoms in adults. Efficacy: Possibly Effective.

About this Plan:

Dr. Donald Abrams, MD
Integrative Oncology Pioneer
Osher Center, University of California San Francisco

The Wellkasa Immune Support wellness plan includes a group of evidence-informed supplements supporting your immune health. Dr. Donald Abrams, MD Integrative Oncology has designed these plans based on his clinical experience. Each therapy below is backed by research evidence. We have then curated the highest quality brands and matched those brands with the right dosage.
Note: All our Wellness plans are customizable. Review the information below and Add to Cart those products that best suit your needs. If you have questions, we recommend that you consult your medical provider. 
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