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Sleep Issues, Hot Flashes, & Bone Loss

Based on your quiz results, we have designed an evidence-informed Wellness Plan to help you with your primary symptoms of Sleep Issues, Hot Flashes, and Bone Loss.

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Each Wellness plan is optimally designed for your safety, efficacy, and to improve your quality of life. Check therapies included in this plan for more details and Wellkasa Seal of Trust backing each plan.

  • Vitamin D-3 and Vitamin K-2 for Osteoporosis support 

    Vitamin D with calcium helps to prevent the progression of osteoporosis and might reduce the risk of fracture in some patients. Vitamin K might reduce the risk of fractures and bone loss in patients with osteoporosis. 

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  • Melatonin for improving sleep

    Melatonin seems to shorten the time it takes to fall asleep. Dosage for most adults is between 3-10 mg.

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  • Magnesium for Bone Health 

    Magnesium intake seems to increase bone mineral density and decrease bone loss in postmenopausal patients.

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  • Black Cohosh for reducing hot flashes and night sweats

    Black Cohosh (Remifemin, Phytopharmica/Enzymatic Therapy) have shown a modest reduction in menopausal symptoms including Hot Flashes and night sweats.

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    Wellkasa provides transparent and easy access to evidence and strict supplement and manufacturer screening and selection process to only select quality products and brands for you.

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Make it Your Own Plan

We understand that you may want to customize this plan, for possible interactions with your existing medications or other reasons. We encourage you to discuss with your healthcare provider and create a plan for your health needs.

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