Integrative Medicine for Cancer- Whole Person Care

A cancer diagnosis is life-changing for both the patient and caregiver. After the shock of diagnosis, it may seem like you are living in a haze.  In this haze, a lot of critical decisions need to be made. You may not realize it, but you are constantly multitasking through a wide range of complex decisions such as medical treatment options, insurance coverages, financials, your job, the wellbeing of your family and much more. This may lead to decision fatigue, anxiety, stress and perhaps depression. In this moment, please pause and realize that you are human, and it is ok to be not ok for a moment. Cancer may be a mountain, but you can equip yourselves with the right training and tools to take on this challenge to the best of your ability.  

To climb the cancer mountain, the climber patient and the sherpa caregiver, need to be the best versions of themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually - under the circumstances. When side effects of chemotherapy or radiation hit, you need the tools to get relief from these symptoms. Quite often we realize under these circumstances, your standard of care doctors may not have the answers to your symptom relief questions. But don’t worry you have options.

Meet Integrative Medicine, a multi-disciplinary care approach that focuses on whole person healing in conjunction with your regular doctors. While your regular doctors focus on your cure and quantity of life, integrative therapies may help you improve your quality of life. These same complimentary therapies that provide relief for the patient may also be therapeutic for the caregiver. Take stress and anxiety for example, these symptoms may be felt by the caregiver and patient. Complimentary therapies such as yoga, turmeric, ashwagandha, and meditation may have therapeutic mood support benefits. To learn more about integrative medicine please watch the short video below.

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