Empowering Wellness, Elevating Lives

At Wellkasa, we harmonize cutting-edge AI technology and evidence based lifestyle medicine to curate personalized wellness journeys so that you can live your best life

Our Journey to Bridging Quality of Life Gaps

Our Purpose

Helping people improve their health span so that they can live their best lives

Our Offering

Wellkasa Offering Overview

Wellkasa AI

Lifestyle Education

Utilizing advanced generative AI, we integrate latest research on nutrition, supplementation, and mind-body therapies, harmonized with our doctors' clinical expertise. The result is a digital companion proficient in addressing lifestyle queries related to your condition, communicated clearly and empathetically.

See: Maia - Migraine AI Assistant

Professional Grade

Nutrient Solutions

Our professional grade supplements are manufactured in the USA at an NSF certified cGMP facility. Formulated by doctors and backed by research, these formulations offer a unique blend of highly bioavailable nutrients that work synergistically for targeted wellness goals.  

See: Migra-Well range

Wellkasa AI

Regimen Organization

Our technology adeptly organizes your medicines and supplements digitally, offering an automatic check for drug-supplement interactions, ensuring personalized safety. It stands as a reliable resource for researching supplements and mind-body therapies, promoting informed and safe choices for your wellness journey, ensuring every step is backed by clarity and confidence.

See: WellKabinet

Wellkasa AI

Symptom Tracking

Our technology simplifies symptom tracking, enhancing your wellness regimen’s effectiveness. It ensures your strategies align with your health goals. Convenient and user-friendly, this tool not only facilitates personal health monitoring but also eases the sharing of detailed reports with healthcare providers, fostering informed discussions and personalized care plans.

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Our Values

Rooted in Compassion, Driven by Innovation


Your confidence in us is paramount; we're committed to earning and upholding it every day.


We listen, understand, and walk alongside you in your wellness journey.


Harnessing cutting-edge AI to tailor wellness solutions uniquely to you.


Offering professional-grade supplements and insights for optimal well-being.


Honest, transparent, and ethical in every step of your journey.


Fostering a supportive network for shared growth and healing.

Featured Team Members & Medical Advisors

Melissa Mehrotra

Customer Experience

A lifelong caregiver, battled migraines for 20 years, searching for root causes. Her personal struggle ended with Wellkasa’s innovative migraine lifestyle solutions, making her our first success story. This transformative journey fuels her passion, ensuring every Wellkasa member receives tailored care and unparalleled experience.

Rajdeep Singh, PhD

Chief Technologist

With two decades in data analytics and a personal commitment to integrative care, Dr. Singh’s solutions are at the intersection of technological innovation and patient advocacy. His work is a testament to Wellkasa’s commitment to evidence-based, holistic wellness.

Sumit Mehrotra

Founder & CEO

Sumit’s journey from a dedicated caregiver to the founder of Wellkasa is marked by personal experiences that highlight the profound gap between living and thriving for those with chronic conditions. His vision, galvanized by over 20 years of corporate leadership, is to make integrative medicine both accessible and transformational.

See: Sumit's inspiration behind Wellkasa.

Donald I Abrams, MD

Chairman Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Donald Abrams is a pioneer in integrative oncology, internationally recognized for his clinical research investigating the therapeutic value of complementary therapies for cancer, HIV, and other conditions. Dr. Abrams is a Professor Emeritus of Medicine at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) School of Medicine and provides integrative oncology consultations at the UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine. Dr. Abrams is a past president of the Society for Integrative Oncology. Dr. Abrams also co-edited the Oxford University Press textbook “Integrative Oncology” with Andrew Weil, MD. He was named a “Top Cancer Doctor” in Newsweek’s Special Health Issue on Curing Cancer, in the category of Medical Oncology.

Robert Alan Bonakdar, MD

Medical Advisor & Chief of Formulations

Dr. Bonakdar is an internationally recognized integrative pain management physician, Director of Pain Management at the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine since 2002 and faculty member of the University of Arizona Integrative Medicine Fellowship. He is certified in headache management by the United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties and board certified in Integrative Medicine by the American Board of Integrative Medicine. He is also the editor of the definitive textbook Integrative Pain Management and the founder and course director of the Natural Supplements: An Evidence-Based Update.Dr. Bonakdar is a multi-time recipient of the San Diego County Medical Society Top Doctors honoree, recipient of Seelig Magnesium Award and Mark Bieber Award.

Monisha Bhanote, MD

Medical Advisor & Chief of Wellness Innovation

Dr. Monisha Bhanote, the founder of the Holistic Wellbeing Collective, is a quintuple board-certified physician and published author with expertise in Integrative Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Anatomic/Clinical Pathology. She is a sought-after health & wellness expert with multiple news media outlets and publications. After earning her medical degree, she completed her training at NYU Winthrop University Hospital. She has three fellowships in Cytopathology at Cornell, Breast, Bone & Soft tissue Cancer at the University of Rochester, and Integrative Medicine at the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine. Dr. Bhanote has additional training and certifications in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Plant-Based Nutrition, Ayurveda, Yoga for Cancer Recovery, and a Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist

"In the face of chronic conditions, we don’t just seek to survive; we aspire to thrive. Every step with Wellkasa is a dance between science and soul, where personalized care meets holistic innovation, illuminating a path where quality of life blossoms amidst challenges."

Sumit Mehrotra