Migraine Relief with Migra-Well

Wellkasa’s™ Sumit Mehrotra met with Dr. Robert Bonakdar to discuss Dr. Bonakdar’s experience in treating migraines with nutritional approaches and how it motivated him to develop Migra-Well™.

Migra-Well is a migraine dietary supplement that provides migraine relief using optimal dosages of clean, high-quality ingredients to fill nutrient gaps typical in people with migraines.

Dr. Robert Bonakdar: Headache Specialist

Along with working as a faculty physician, Dr. Bonakdar is the Director of Pain Management at the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine and is the editor of the Oxford University Press Textbook of Integrative Pain Management, which is regarded as the field’s definitive text. In addition to his certification in integrative medicine, the United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties has certified him in the subspecialty of Headache Medicine. At its core, Dr. Bonakdar’s decades of experience with integrative medicine, pain management, and headache medicine make him highly qualified to help patients find migraine relief.    

Migra-Well: Migraine Relief Supplement Formulation

Over his 30 year experience treating complex pain conditions,  Dr. Bonakdar has extensively studied and utilized integrative approaches to improve patient outcomes. He recognizes that migraines are a complex neurological disorder and his patients experience a variety of migraine symptoms beyond headache, such as nausea, light, noise or smell sensitivity, sleep issues, mood issues and more.  Dr. Bonakdar has extensively utilized nutritional approaches to help his patients find comprehensive relief beyond the primary headache symptom. Over the years, he found that providing a comprehensive nutrient solution was faced with the following challenges:

Most migraine supplements are too basic - patients need to buy many products

Most of the products on the market will replace a nutrient but are often too basic to reverse the course of migraine disorder or alter inflammation, gut dysfunction, or mitochondrial disturbance, which are often the underlying mechanisms driving migraine and preventing migraine relief. To cover all bases, many patients need to buy 10 different products and try to discover what works through trial and error, which can be overwhelming and expensive.

Poor quality ingredients in migraine supplements

Numerous products are made with cheaper versions or subtherapeutic doses of nutrients that are often not absorbed and do not increase the proper nutrients to aid in migraine relief. Migra-Well™ is different because it uses appropriate dosages of clean, high-quality nutrients for maximum absorption.

To solve these issues and create a comprehensive solution to help his patients, Dr. Bonakdar partnered with Wellkasa and developed the Migra-Well™ line of migraine products. 

Find Migraine Relief with Migra-Well™

The Migra-Well™ line of products includes 3 formulas that doses nutrients based on the optimal time of day and absorption patterns to close migraine nutrient gaps and provide migraine symptom relief.

  • Migra-Well™ am contains key energy-supportive and antioxidant nutrients, including CoQ10, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, B vitamins like riboflavin, thiamine, advanced methylated types of B12 and folate.

  • Migra-Well™ pm also has riboflavin and magnesium for improved twice-a-day absorption and melatonin for sleep support and muscle relaxation. The pm formula includes zinc carnosine to assist with GI repair since many patients suffer from GI disturbances and poor sleep as part of their migraine disorder.

  • Migra-QWell™ is an herbal formula that helps patients find migraine relief. Migra-QWell™ contains a blend of 5 ingredients that have demonstrated an ability to yield migraine relief. Turmeric has strong brain penetration, while Boswellia and ginger reduce migraine. Grape seed and pine bark extracts reduce migraine while simultaneously improving the absorption of the other ingredients.

Migra-Well™: Best Migraine Relief Option

The migraine relief option patients should choose depends on their symptoms and severity. Patients with multiple symptoms or moderate migraines should supplement daily. In contrast, patients with light migraines should consider Migra-QWell™ at the onset of headaches. Whichever group patients fall into, experts urge them to consult their medical provider for a thorough migraine evaluation before beginning Migra-Well™ or any other medical regimen.

Patients may also consider taking the Wellkasa Migraine Quiz get a preliminary recommendation on the Migra-Well™ products best suited for their condition. 


This migraine quiz works to understand your migraine symptoms and creates a customized Migra-Well recommendation based on the severity of your symptoms:

Migraine Relief for Severe Symptoms

Patients who suffer from multiple symptoms should consider all 3 formulas for migraine relief. This includes 2 capsules of Migra-Well™ am in the morning, 2 capsules of Migra-QWell™ anytime or at headache onset, and 2 capsules of Migra-Well™ pm before bed.

Migraine Relief for Moderate Migraines

Patients with moderate migraine should consider 2 daily capsules of either Migra-Well™ am in the morning or 2 daily capsules of Migra-Well™ pm before bed. Additionally, 2 daily capsules of Migra-QWell™ is recommended by Dr. Bonakdar at headache onset. The migraine quiz above can help you determine if Migra-Well™ am or Migra-Well™ pm is recommended for you based on our symptoms. 

Migraine Relief for Light Migraines

If patients suffer from light migraines or headaches, they should consider taking Migra-QWell™ at the onset of migraine/headache.

When to Expect Migraine Relief with Migra-Well™?

Nutrient approach to migraines is "slow medicine" per Dr. Bonakdar. It takes time to fill the nutrient gaps in our bodies. Once those gaps are filled and maintained with your overall wellbeing including sleep, exercise and stress management, you should expect significant improvement in your quality of life. 

Typically, conventional nutrient based approaches can take 3-4 months to show effect. However, Migra-Well™, can help patients notice faster results on an average within 6 to 8 weeks. Some patients might see early results in as little as 1 month.