The Inspiration Behind Wellkasa

May 23, 2023

In August of 2008, the surgeon who had previously performed Gallbladder Surgery on Dalai Lama, performed the same surgery on my mother Saroj. But Gallbladder wasn’t the real culprit behind terrible GI symptoms she had been feeling for months. With help of my family, we found better doctors who were able to diagnose her golf ball size stomach cancer and quickly perform lifesaving cancer surgery. Her petite sub-5′ feet frame fought through all of this but chemotherapy side effects significantly deteriorated her quality of life. 

The side effects of chemotherapy pushed us outside the Oncologist’s office after we recognized that the regular MDs were excellent at focusing on curing you and trying to extend your life, but most weren’t trained to help you improve your quality of life. At that time, we weren’t knowledgeable about any supportive therapies to help make this journey easier. No one had talked to us about the benefits of Vitamin D during cancer or potential use of Ashwagandha for stress relief. It was a “science-project” to figure all this out and it became very clear to us that finding safe and effective natural and complementary therapies was very difficult. We learned that many of these complementary therapies don’t work, and some may even be harmful esp. during a cancer journey.  But few that did work for my mother, helped her feel better and left us with memories of a lifetime. 

My mother passed on Thanksgiving Day 2010 and left us with her blessings. Our son Aaryan was born Thanksgiving Day 2011 – talk about circle of life!!! Fast forward to Thanksgiving 2020, a dear friend with young kids, who had just finished her breast cancer journey was with us and we learned about her challenges in finding integrative therapies. She had just gone through her personal science project, and it made me realize that it we don’t need to struggle through finding safe and effective complementary care one cancer family at a time. The Wellkasa seed was planted Thanksgiving 2020. We incorporated as a Public Benefit Company in March 2021, and I started working full-time on Wellkasa in July 2021.

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