Collection: Anti Cancer: Breast Cancer

Included in this Wellness plan: 

Melatonin: In patients with various types of cancers, most research shows that oral or combined intramuscular / oral melatonin (10-40 mg daily total) in combination with chemotherapy or other treatments seems to improve tumor regression and survival rates. Efficacy: Possibly Effective.
Turkey Tail Mushroom (Coriolus / Trametes): Taking PSK, a constituent of coriolus mushroom, as an adjunct to standard cancer therapy may improve response rates and survival in some cancer patients. Efficacy: Possibly Effective
Mushroom Blend Including Reishi Mushroom: A meta-analysis of 9 clinical trials using various reishi mushroom products in combination with chemotherapy found that complete and partial responses increased by 30% with combination therapy when compared with chemotherapy alone. Efficacy: Inconclusive Evidence.
CAUTION: This wellness plan also includes Mushroom Blend Take Turkey Tail for 4 weeks and then switch to Mushroom Blend for 4 weeks. DO NOT TAKE both at the same time.
Vitamin D: Some research shows that vitamin D might slightly reduce the risk of metastatic cancer and cancer-related mortality. Efficacy: Inconclusive Evidence.

About this Plan:

Dr. Donald Abrams, MD
Integrative Oncology Pioneer
Osher Center, University of California San Francisco 

The Wellkasa Anti Breast Cancer Support wellness plan includes a group of evidence-informed supplements supporting your breast cancer wellness journey. Dr. Donald Abrams, MD Integrative Oncology has selected these therapies based on his clinical experience. Each therapy below is backed by research evidence. We have then curated the highest quality brands and matched those brands with the right dosage.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.