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Your Doctor-Designed Anti-Cancer Breast Cancer Support Plan:

Melatonin: There is some evidence showing higher doses of melatonin with other treatments seemed to show some improvement on tumor regression and survival rates. 
Turkey Tail Mushroom (Coriolus / Trametes): The most active part of coriolus mushroom for its immune effects is PSK. Some of the studies done on this compound show positive effects on immune system cells that help fight cancer.
Mushroom Blend Including Reishi Mushroom: In 9 clinical trials using different types of reishi mushroom products along with chemotherapy found that responses increased by 30% when combined with chemotherapy instead of just with chemotherapy.
CAUTION: This wellness plan also includes Mushroom Blend Take Turkey Tail for 4 weeks and then switch to Mushroom Blend for 4 weeks. DO NOT TAKE both at the same time.
Vitamin DThere has been some research that has shown it may slightly reduce the risk of metastatic cancer and cancer-related mortality.

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