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Moderate Migraines


For moderate migraines, with sleep difficulty, consider 2 daily capsules of Migra-Well™ pm before bed-time and 2 daily capsules of Migra-QWell™ at headache onset.

Learn more about this recommendation from headache specialist, Dr. Bonakdar, in this brief video. Dr. Bonakdar is an internationally recognized integrative pain management physician and the brain behind Migra-Well.

Check our blog for the full video and learn more about Migra-Well formula, recommendations, and timing of benefits.

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Migra-Well am 60 capsules by Wellkasa
Migra-Well am (Wellkasa)
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Migra-Well pm 60 Capsules by Wellkasa
Migra-Well pm (Wellkasa)
Sale price $39.99 Regular price $59.99
Migra-QWell 60 Cpsules by Wellkasa
Migra-QWell (Wellkasa)
Sale price $39.99 Regular price $59.99