Menopause Relief

Find Relief from 5 of the Most Common Symptoms of Menopause

From hot flashes and low libido to mood swings, trouble sleeping, menopause can bring a host of symptoms that leave you confused, frustrated and struggling. The hormonal changes that come with age can even destroy your bone health and leave every part of your body feeling stiff and achy.

So why does menopause come with so many issues?

Hot flashes – Falling levels of estrogen can affect the hypothalamus, the part of your brain that controls body temperature.

Low libido – Fluctuating hormones also result in less blood flow and lubrication, decreasing your sex drive.

Mood swings – Irritability, stress and low mood occur during menopause as drops in estrogen can change the way your body manages serotonin and norepinephrine.

Sleep problems – Low levels of estrogen can affect the metabolism of neurotransmitters in your brain, causing problems with your sleep/wake cycle.

Bone loss – Estrogen helps prevent your bones from getting weaker by slowing the natural breakdown of bones. Low estrogen in menopause accelerates bone loss.

Find Your Wellness with Wellkasa

Depending on the symptoms you’re experiencing, your Menopause Wellness Plan may include the following supplements.

Menopause Wellness Plan - Hot Flashes

Customized in this plan: 

  • Remifemin Good Night – The RemiSure® Black Cohosh found in this supplement is clinically-proven to relieve menopausal symptoms, like hot flashes. 

  • Menopause 731™ Life Extension – The supplement’s clinically studied extract of Siberian rhubarb (R. rhaponticum) addresses 11 common menopausal discomforts, including hot flashes, and night sweats.

Menopause Wellness Plan - Libido

Customized in this plan:

  • Now Foods Panax Ginseng - Panax Ginseng, alone or in combination with other ingredients, seems to improve sexual arousal in postmenopausal adults.   
  • Menopause 731™ Life Extension – The hormone-free and soy-free estrogen support this rhubarb supplement offers helps promote healthy sexual function during menopause. 

Menopause Wellness Plan - Sleep Support

Customized in this plan: 

  • Pure Encapsulations Melatonin – Your body’s natural sleep hormone, melatonin supports a healthy sleep/wake cycle to help overcome the sleepless nights brought on by menopause.
  • Remifemin Good Night – The Restful Sleep Blend™, including valerian, lemon balm leaf and hops strobile extracts can help improve issues with falling asleep, staying asleep and quality of sleep.

Menopause Wellness Plan - Mood Swings

Customized in this plan: 

  • Organic India Ashwagandha - The Ayurvedic herb Ashwagandha helps to balance emotion-regulating hormones, like serotonin and dopamine, to help calm stress.
  • Menopause 731™ Life Extension – The Siberian rhubarb in Menopause 731™ also can help improve symptoms of irritability and mood swings.

Menopause Wellness Plan - Bone Health


Customized in this plan: 

  • Liquid Calcium Magnesium Berry 1:1 from Integrative Therapeutics – This easily absorbable calcium and magnesium supplement helps support bone mineral density and bone strength to decrease bone loss in postmenopausal patients.

  • Now Foods Vitamin D3 – K2 – The vitamin D and K-2 in this supplement supports your body’s absorption of the calcium it keeps your bones strong.
Meet the Doctor Behind the Plan

Dr. Monisha Bhanote, the founder of the Holistic Wellbeing Collective, is a quintuple board-certified physician and published author with expertise in Integrative Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Anatomic/Clinical Pathology. She is a sought-after health & wellness expert with multiple news media outlets and publications. After earning her medical degree, she completed her training at NYU Winthrop University Hospital. She has three fellowships in Cytopathology at Cornell, Breast, Bone & Soft tissue Cancer at the University of Rochester, and Integrative Medicine at the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine. Dr. Bhanote has additional training and certifications in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Plant-Based Nutrition, Ayurveda, Yoga for Cancer Recovery, and a Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist.