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Highly trained, multi-lingual, voice, chat and transactional AI healthcare assistants that extend practitioner care and empower patients.

Enhance your Healthcare Team With Wellkasa AI

With Wellkasa AI, experience a transformative approach in patient care. Our platform specializes in providing highly trained, multilingual AI assistants, proficient in voice, chat, and transactional interactions. Wellkasa AI is a comprehensive solution to enhance and expand your healthcare team. We use our platform to custom design, train, deploy, and maintain your digital healthcare assistants on a subscription basis.

Our innovative AI assistants can play many roles. being chronic condition management companion, like Maia, for migraines to being a friendly front desk educator and scheduler like Paul AI . We extend this advanced technology to healthcare business owners and operators aiming to augment their services with skilled AI assistants. Discover how Wellkasa AI can streamline your operations, elevate patient satisfaction, and set a new standard in digital healthcare efficiency.

Our Technology

Image of a finger selecting an LLM on a touch screen in a healthcare setting

Customizable Generative AI

From a vast array of available large language models, we select the most fitting large language models (LLMs) to meet specific use cases, ensuring precision and relevance. Our unique two-tier training process, involving both curated public and specialized non-public data, equips our AI assistants with unparalleled accuracy and skill. Our proprietary algorithms create a response score for each interaction to track the response fidelity and minimize hallucinations. It also enables frictionless retraining on a per response basis delivering AI employees are constantly learning, improving and staying away from hallucination issues typical of publicly available LLMs.

Custom Application Layers

Our custom application layers generate AI assistants that are not just knowledgeable on a topic but are also capable of creating personalized experiences for each user based on all past interactions. Seamless voice and chat based authentication layers recognize the user. The natural language parameter recognition layer automatically recognizes when a parameter of interest is mentioned the conversation. The recognized parameters are securely packaged and stored in user specific fields of our highly secure databases. The function layers can perform numerous functions on the stored data from visual display to being recalled in a future voice conversation.

ConversAI Insight

Post deployment, our ConversAI capability performs a deep analysis of interaction data. It meticulously analyzes conversational and interaction data from various digital touch points. By delving deep into the nuances of customer communications, ConversAI Insight identifies patterns, sentiments, and behaviors, offering unparalleled insights into customer preferences and expectations. Based on this analysis, it generates actionable recommendations to refine and up train the AI assistant on targeted key performance indicators of interest - such as improved customer satisfaction or client conversions.

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Why Choose Wellkasa AI

Wellkasa AI in Action

Maia Voice (1855 SAY MAIA)

Maia is a highly trained Migraine AI Educator and Lifestyle Companion. Sometimes you just want to talk instead of typing esp. when screen time can make your migraines worse. So, just call 1855-729-6242 anytime and, talk to Maia. Whether you want to learn about migraines or share, she is there for you 24/7.

Maia Chat

Ask Maia anything about migraines and management strategies with specific focus on lifestyle including diet, nutrition, hydration, sleep, and stress management. Sometimes it's just easy to type away quietly. Maia is there for you on any device, web or your smartphone. Click below and explore everything from migraine treatment options to a migraine friendly breakfast recipe. 

Chat with Maia

Paul AI- TMJ Educator

Paul AI, is the digital twin of Mojo Physio's NRT lead & expert Paul Ruth. Based in Scottsdale AZ. Mojo Physio specializes in Neuromuscular Release Therapy (NRT) for TMJ treatment. Paul AI is their friendly AI educator available 24/7 to help Mojo Physio's clients with the same care and attention they expect from Paul Ruth. Chat with Paul AI today on Mojo Physio website and learn how NRT can help you.

Chat With Paul AI