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Wellkasa Core Engine 


Wellkasa Core Engine

Two Solutions One Technology Core

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We created the Wellkasa Core Engine to develop a unified technology core which enables safe and effective, evidence-informed Integrative care for patients as well as healthcare professionals. The technology has 3 layers:

      1. The Research Core: This core layer of our technology is powered by - TRC Natural Medicines - one of the best sources of carefully edited research data across almost 1,500 supplements, foods, diets and mind-body therapies researched for almost 1,000 medical conditions. We take the data from TRC and make it deliverable in a fast and user-friendly manner. The data is updated weekly with any new research so that our subscribers always have access to the latest information. Our choice to partner with TRC is a conscious choice, to keep ourselves at an arms length from the source of research compilation so that what we present is truly unbiased and not in conflict with any commercial interests of our Company. In the future, we may choose to complement this data source with other vetted sources of research to develop our core as the best curated and independent source of Integrative Medicine evidence and safety data.
      2. The Clinical Expertise Layer: We recognize that the compilation of almost 20,000 research papers that we have through TRC Natural Medicines is a good start but not enough. So, we combine the research data with the clinical experience of some of the best Integrative Medicine Doctors to create condition specific protocols/wellness plans. These first 2 layers captured by our technology, ensure that both patients and doctors have a good start to "Therapy X may be helpful for Condition Y".
      3. The Curated Therapies Layer:  This layer answer the question "What are the best available products or service providers" for the evidence and clinical expertise backed therapy identified by the first 2 layers above. We utilize our deep supply chain expertise proven in complex and highly regulated industries to identify the best product manufacturers and service providers. Currently, we have activated this layer only for herbs and supplements but we plan to expand to nutrition and mind-body spaces in the future.